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[movies]What does Self-Sufficiency Mean for Rural Communities - Professor Susan Machum
Presentation about What does Self-Sufficiency Mean for Rural Communities from the New Brunswick Social Forum 2008
Keywords: local; farming; self-sufficiency; rural; community
Downloads: 89
[texts]PERMACULTURE A Designers Manual Bill Mollison
Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of landscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way. Without permanent agriculture there is no possibility of a stable social order...
Keywords: Permaculture; Bill Mollison; gardening; landscaping; sustainability; self sufficiency
Downloads: 5
[audio]Underground Food Politics Feb 23 2011
With urban homesteading all the rage and backyard and vacant lot food production on the rise it appears we're taking big steps toward encouraging self-sufficiency in the Bay Area. For sure people's requirements for connection to their food has changed. But how much do the popular local underground food movements fit within a concept of food security, within a drive to control one's own food sources as in food sovereignty? How much are they used as a stepping stone into the market for bo...
Keywords: urban agriculture; food; farmers markets; food justice; food security; food sovereignty; self-sufficiency
Downloads: 29
[audio]Making Home With Potatoes Podcast - Lindsey W. Nickell
In this episode we explore growing potatoes, different ways to do it, what kinds are available and add some useful potato growing tips. Also, I introduce you to two great Suburban Homesteading books and we check out some new tunes.
Keywords: suburban homesteading; urban farming; urban farm; farming; growing vegetables; self sufficiency; books; music
Downloads: 2
[audio]The Corbett Report - Episode 081 - Surviving the collapse - http://www.corbettreport.com
We all know that the economy is falling apart and we all know we're in for a summer of discontent, but now what? Is there anything we can do to prepare ourselves for what is coming? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the three G's of self-sufficiency, talk to international forecasters and backyard warriors, and re-learn the old verity that forewarned is forearmed.
Keywords: g20; london; riot; police; chapman; forecaster; economics; gardening; self-sufficiency; victory; garden
Downloads: 39
[audio]Making Home With Potatoes - Lindsey W. Nickell
In this episode we will explore the RIGHT way to grow potatoes and learn some handy new facts about the process (including all the stuff I routinely do wrong!) As well, we will be listening to some new tunes, examining a couple of killer books about Suburban and Rural Homesteading, and having a bit of a talk about our homes. Come join me!
Keywords: suburban homesteading; urban farming; self sufficiency; farming; gardening; vegetable growing; fruit growing; books
Downloads: 20
[texts]Fifteen-step process achieved self-sufficiency and financial sustainability in the civil authorities.pdf - ISLAMIC ARABIC BOOK
Fifteen-step process achieved self-sufficiency and financial sustainability in the civil authorities.pdf Language: Arabic Publisher: Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance Abstract: Money is the lifeblood of charitable work, and financial sufficiency miss the majority of charities and does not represent the first goal in the strategic plans, if any .. The majority of charities live images of painful ÙاÙعجز to pay the salaries of its employees or tumble to their ...
Keywords: Fifteen-step process achieved self-sufficiency and financial sustainability in the civil authorities.pdf
Downloads: 18
[audio]Wheaton permaculture 073 urban permaculture realism - Paul Wheaton
Length 1:11 Paul Wheaton talks to Norris Thomlinson, who lives on 0.2 acres in Portland, Oregon, and has been urban farming. Norris and his partner Tulsey hoped to grow enough food there to feed themselves and a few other people. They realized after a couple years that, unfortunately, they couldn't. They have optimized every square foot of their yard, and even use the roof. Norris has carefully measured what they consumed in calories, and they harvest an average of 750 calories per day--not enou...
Keywords: podcast; permaculture; garden; urban; agriculture; sustainable; green; harvest; perennials; city; peak oil; self-sufficiency
Downloads: 2,994
[audio]In Beans We Trust - Alex Smith
IN BEANS WE TRUST Jason Bradford, host of radio show "The Reality Report" on local currency based on food, in Mendicino California. Lo-Fi 5 MB 20 min Cooperative lifesytle in California - ready for Peak Oil or the Depression.
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; green; features; ecology; self-sufficiency; survival; food; local; money; currency; economy; California
Downloads: 168
[audio]Grow Your Own Food in the City - Jules Dervaes - Alex Smith
Can't move to the country? Grow your own food where you are. On a standard city lot in Pasadena California, Jules Dervaes and his family have grown tons of produce for over 20 years. Learn tips and techniques, with links to follow up at urbanhomestead.org. Also a discussion of how a garden can survive "global weirding" - the destabilization of a normal climate. From the Radio Ecoshock show 110907 20 minutes.
Keywords: environment; food; gardening; self-sufficiency; urban homesteading; urban; climate; survival; interview; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 456
[audio]Storm The Wire Audio - 07 - Question Authority, Statist Hypocrisy, Voluntary Societies - Storm The Wire Audio
This is a rambling/rant precursor to something more succinct. Topics include: answer to government corruption more government?, individualism vs collectivism, question all authority, wogs = leftists who wanna own guns?, moral relativism vs. universal morality, the contradiction of property = theft, state violence is not liberation, you are the only authority, self-sufficiency, emergency preparedness, bug out bag, food storage, wilderness skills, how to speak freely, buy land, pro-freedom states,...
Keywords: storm the wire; storm the wire audio; individualism; universal morality; self-sufficiency; wilderness skills; off-grid; sovereign
Downloads: 51
[audio]2010-10-24 (PM) The Sentence of Death in Ourselves - Ron L Clark, Faith Memorial Baptist Church, Overton, NS, Canada
This sermon takes note of the problem of self sufficiency, which Paul was taught through a horrific experience, and explores what it is to have the sentence of death in ourselves.
Keywords: Self Sufficiency; Helplessness of Man; Sentence of Death; Trusting God; Foolishness of Self Confidence; Life of Faith in Christ
Downloads: 11
[audio]Growing Through The Storm - Alex Smith
3 interviews: "Peak Oil Shrink" Kathy McMahon from Vermont on unexpected lessons from Hurricane Irene. Urban homesteader Jules Dervaes - food self-sufficiency on a city lot. Richard Heinberg on coping with the End of Growth. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; ecology; green; food; agriculture; climate; climate change; global warming; hurricanes; survival; self-sufficiency; urban; interview; show
Downloads: 762
[audio]Cottage Economy - William Cobbett
LibriVox recording of Cottage Economy, by William Cobbett. Read by Philippa. How can you tell when your pig is fat enough? Why should you never buy mustard? What's wrong with eating potatoes? Which is better, beer or tea? And what type of straw makes the best bonnets? William Cobbett is the man to ask. Here is his book of practical advice to the rural labouring 'cottager' (first published as a part-work in 1821-22), the precursor in many ways to the handbooks on self-sufficiency that today entic...
Keywords: librivox; audiobook; self-sufficiency; advice; smallholding; livestock; brewing; 19th century life; agriculture; farming; pigs; cows; beer; bacon; bread
Downloads: 12,093
[texts]Final Environmental Impact Statement and Planning Guidelines for The Letterman Complex - The Presidio Trust
A supplement to the 1994 General management Plan Amendment Environmental Impact Statement for the Presidio
Keywords: The Presidio Trust Act; self-sufficiency; demolition of the medical center; social programs; enviornmental programs; shared space; public outreach; public input; boundary revision
Downloads: 154
[texts]Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu #333
Contents Include:* BECOME SELF-SUFFICIENT -- His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada instructs his followers about the importance of raising our own food.* KRISHNA PROMISES THROUGH A DEVOTEE -- Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami speaks about one of Krishna's endearing qualities.* THE "FAULTS" OF KRISHNA -- Sastra describes that a conditioned soul has eighteen defects. Some will be surprised to hear that sixteen of these faults are found in Krishna...
Keywords: bindu; kathamrita; Krishna; katha; Rupa; Goswami; Prabhupada; Bhaktivedanta; Swami Jiva; Visvanatha; Visvanath; Viswanath; Chakravarti; Cakravarti; Gour; Govinda; Gaura; ISKCON; Gopal; Jiu; Publications; Self sufficiency; Farming; Bhakti; Rasamrta; Sindhu
[audio]The Book Of Revelation - Wed PM Bible Class - Laodicea (Rev. 3:14-22) - Jarrod Jacobs
A Bible study taught by Jarrod Jacobs. In thids class, we study the last part of the letter to Philadelphia, and the first part of the letter to Laodicea.
Keywords: God; Jesus; Christ; Holy Spirit; Bible; Book; Truth; Laodicea; Philadelphia; Keep; Pillar; Possession; Own; Ownership; Christian; Belong; Hour; Trial; Temptation; Laodicea; Colossae; Colosse; Colossians; Letter; Epistle; Men Karou; Zeus; Greek; Idols; Idolatry; Amen; Self-Sufficient; Self-Sufficiency; Cold; Hot; Tepid; Lukewarm; Nausea; Nauseating; Water; Hierapolis; Indifferent; Indifference
Downloads: 9
[audio]Catalyst Radio: Arts market and music festival among highlights of this weekend - Catalyst Radio
Catalyst Radio is a weekly radio show with hosts Linda Gellasch and Denise Cheng that looks at the behind-the-scenes of Rapidian reporting as well as grassroots and nonprofit efforts around the community. The show comprises a media analysis and developments portion, interview segment and calendar of events. You can catch it on air at noon every Friday on WYCE 88.1 FM or streaming on the Grand Rapids Community Media Center Website.Past Catalyst Radio episodes are archived on The Rapidian.We're cl...
Keywords: Catalyst Radio; Grand Rapids; Community Media Center; The Rapidian; WYCE; Linda Gellasch; Denise Cheng; Michigan; craft; music; self-sufficiency; sustainability; vendor; orpheum bell; Tom VanHammen; Megan Baker; Circle Pines; Buttermilk Jamboree; Avenue for the Arts; Jenn Schaub; Taylor Greenfield; Christie Westmaas; arts
Downloads: 20
[audio]Self-Sufficient and Sustainable: Episode 03 Life Without Refrigeration - Rob Roath - Self-Sufficient and Sustainable
Episode 03: Life Without Refrigeration  Today we talk about alternatives to conventional refrigeration. Ways you can live a life that aligns with your needs 
Keywords: Self-sufficient; self-sufficiency; homestead; homesteading; sustainable; sustainability; self-sustainable; organic gardening; hobby farm; survival; farm; farming; chickens; country living; permaculture; aquaponics; hydroponics; self-reliant; self-reliance; gardening; vineyard; orchard; passive solar; wind power; solar power; alternative energy; vegetarian; mini farm
Downloads: 93
[movies]Complete Guide on How to Build an AK-47 and AK-74 from A-Z, with Limited Tools - bfgmovies
Building your own firearms completely legally has become an increasingly popular hobby, especially in the face of the great shortages from larger manufacturers in recent years. It's a long-standing tradition, too, going all the way back to Colonial USA days. This step-by-step guide shows that it can be done on a limited budget, and with very limited tools. And done well. All that is needed is a small hydraulic press (such as is used for automobile bearings), a drill press, and hand tools...
Keywords: hobby; legal; manufacture; build; rifle; AK; kit; parts; assembly; press; AKS; AK-47; AK-74; USA; home build; hobby build; tradition; second amendment; constitution; rights; bill of rights; instructions; video; instructional; education; educational; self-sufficiency; shortage; independence; well regulated; well equipped
Downloads: 808
[movies]SNIPER 101 - Long Range and High Precision Rifle
A complete and very detailed guide for high accuracy and long range with a rifle.
Keywords: sniper; rifle; long range; accuracy; ghillie; manuals; field manual; training; range; tutorial; foxhole; blind; defensive perimeter; part 2 militia; bullet; harmonica; bolt action; semi-auto; self-loading; hunting; self-sufficiency; survival; apocalypse; cartridge; custom; gunsmithing; marksmanship; military; marine; army; guide; militia; defense; training; training videos; education; firearms; second amendment; technique; ammunition; precision; concealment; camouflage; target; learning; gunsmithing; scope
Downloads: 5,293 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Self-Sufficient and Sustainable - Rob Roath
We are about equipping those around us with what we know and allowing the community to grow with us in knowledge. Let us know what we can do to make your life great. Join us and others as we learn to be self-sufficient and sustainable.
Keywords: Self-sufficient, self-sufficiency, homestead, homesteading, sustainable, sustainability, self-sustainable, organic gardening, hobby farm, survival, farm, farming, chickens, country living, permaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, self-reliant, self-reliance, gardening, vineyard, orchard, passive solar, wind power, solar power, alternative energy, vegetarian, mini farm
Downloads: 206
[movies]Building Your Own AK-47, AKS, AMD-65 Rifle Receiver - A Complete Guide
Here is a video step-by-step tutorial series on how to build your own AK-47, AKS, AMD-65 rifle receiver. This guide takes you all the way from a sheet metal blank, to the fully formed blank, then drilling, attaching rails, and finally riveting the whole receiver assembly together. There is even a video on basic heat treatment and finishing. Other guides are available for assembly to all the other rifle components...
Keywords: hobby; legal; manufacture; build; rifle; AK; kit; parts; assembly; press; AKS; AK-47; AK-74; USA; home build; hobby build; tradition; second amendment; constitution; rights; bill of rights; instructions; video; instructional; education; educational; self-sufficiency; shortage; independence; well regulated; well equipped; spot welding; rivet; components; heat treatment; drilling; jigs; machining; bending; pressing; press; assembly; DEFCAD; distributed manufacture; rails; buffer; barrel; shop; garage; kitchen; video guide; marksmanship; safety; protection
Downloads: 1,607
[movies]Not Yet Uhuru: From Colonialism to Neo-Colonialism - Dadieshak and Nyiahbinghi I Boboshanti I Ital Film Productions
Not Yet Uhuru: Colonialism to ColonialismBabylon System is like a Vampire. They break your legs and then, as Brother Malcolm told us, turn around and call us cripples. This is how they underdeveloped Mother Afrika centuries ago and continue to do so today. They suck the life blood of this planet and the innocents who dwell on her. They greedily grab the land and its resources and dispossess its rightful owners.....We the People! our misleaders have failed us, always holding out the promise that ...
Keywords: zimbabwe, africa, afrika, dadieshak, colonialism, spineymedia, rastafarian, neocolonialism, neo colonialism, slavery, indigenous people, oppression, bondage, inequality, apartheid, south afrika, south africa, cecil rhodes, cape to cairo, imperialism, capitalism, greed, avarice, defninja, theninjaway, boomshakdubmaster, pompeybay2007, documentary, indictment, elections, politics, polytricks, empire, british empire, united kingdom, england, united states of america, usa, land, resources, wealth, diamonds, banks, europe, european, reparations, repatriation, political prisoners, hawaii, mumia abu jamal, iraq, afghanistan, middle east, palestine, asia, india, self sufficiency, independence, caribbean, grenada, new jewel movement, maurice bishop, clinton, bush, obama, war, jihad, terror, terrorism, terrorist, state terrorism, war crimes
Downloads: 768
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